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seniorsThe purpose of the site is to provide information regarding housing and care options for the elderly. This site will help in making decisions regarding the placement of loved ones in facilities for older adults and home care. This site will also inform you about financial options, legal services and resources available for seniors in the state of Missouri

This site contains databases filled with information that will allow you to search for information concerning nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day cares, hospice programs, retirement communities, independent living facilities, nursing care, lawyers, community centers and other information. The information made available here is categorized by the counties and cities of Missouri.


Quick Stats: Income and Poverty Among the Elderly

The median income of older persons in 2001 was $19,688 for males and $11,313 for females -- $14,152 for all older people. Real median income of older people (after adjusting for inflation) fell by -2.6% from 2000 to 2001. For all older persons reporting income in 2001 (32.9 million), 31.8% reported less than $10,000.

Only 31.2% reported $25,000 or more. Households containing families headed by persons 65+ reported a median income in 2001 of $33,938 ($34,661 for Whites, $26,610 for African-Americans, and $24,287 for Hispanics). About one of every nine (10.7%) family households with an elderly householder had incomes less than $15,000 and 48.1% had incomes of $35,000 or more. Based on data from the Census Bureau and the Social Security Administration).

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Social Security pays the average retiree about 40% of pre-retirement earnings. Find out about other ways you can fund your retirement in our financial page.

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